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  • Republicans
    • Neo Cons
      • The end of the cold war in 1991 left the USA as the world's only superpower
      • The military power of the USA was now unchallenged
      • USA should use power to spread American values like freedom and democracy all around the world
      • USA should be prepared to use military power to strike pre-emptively against any threatening group or regime
      • George Bush with 9/11
    • Moderate/ Liberal
      • More willing to accept state intervention to correct the abuses of capitalism and help the poor including safety nets for the poor
      • More willing to accept moves towards racial equality and even gender equality
      • More willing to take less conservative approach on issues like abortion, gun control and the death penalty
      • Great influence in the early 70s
    • Religious Right
      • Pro life, anti abortion, many want to limit or ban abortion
      • Anti homosexuality, it is unnatural and harmful to family life
      • Against embryonic cell research
      • In favour of prayer in schools
      • Against sex education in schools
      • Against gun control, affirmative action and state welfare
    • Traditional
      • Support for the capitalst system
        • Support the rights of the individuals and business to operate freely without restraint and with no government interference
      • Low taxes - take as little money off the people as possible
      • Limited government
        • Should not interfere in the workings of the economy and business and lives of ordinary people by restricting of restraining them
      • Anti - federalism
        • Try to protect the rights of the states and localities to make their own decisions agisnst the interference of the government
      • Isolationist
        • Did not want to be involved in foreign wars or conflicts like WWII until Eisenhower
          • Eisenhower got involved in the Korean War to stop Communism
      • Anti Communism
        • Active foreign policy to stop communism around the word
          • Eisenhower got involved in the Korean War to stop Communism
      • Social Conservatism
        • Traditional values, traditional family values and religious morality
    • Tea Party
      • Return to the original ideas of the Founding Fathers - limited federal government
      • Restrict the powers and activities of the central government
      • Reduce and simplify taxes so people get to keep more of their own money
      • Reduce amount of government spends on interfering with people's lives
      • Balanced budgets so that the governments do not borrow and put the nation in debt
    • The New Right
      • Fiscal  conservatives
        • Reduce taxes to free up people to spend as much money as they wished
        • Reduce the role of the government, getting the government off the backs of the people
        • Balanced budgets so the government must only spend what it raises in taxes and never borrow
        • Free markets without restriction so no restriction on business
        • Anti welfare, people should never depend on the state for help and they should provide for themselves
        • Supply side economics, if you cut taxes then people will work harder to earn more money and in the long run government tax revenues go up
      • Social conservatives
        • Restoring authority of parents, teachers, the police and those in power
        • Traditional family values, no homosexuality, sex before marriage, co-habitation and women's rights
        • Traditional moral and religious values, pro life and anti abortion
      • Appeared in 70s to oppose the moderates in the party


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