Representation of gender and ethnicity

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Representations of gender


  • The representation of women has adopted as women's roles have adapted.
  • There are still some stereotypical representations of women where they are defined by how men see them and how society expects them to look and behave.
  • Women still tend to be judged on looks and appearance foremost.
  • Many products offer aspirational images of women.
  • Representations tend to focus on their sexuality and emotions and narratives tend to be based around relationships.
  • The criteria for how well a woman is represented is usually about how strong she is e.g. Rosie the Riveter.


  • Men are stereotypically represented differently from women
  • Their representation has also changed as their position in society has changed.
  • The crisis of masculinity brought along the representation of 'the new man'
  • Representations of men tend to focus on…


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