Report Writing

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  • Report Writing
    • 1) Title; must always indicate what the study is about, include IV & DV
    • 2) Abstract; provides a concise summary of a research report
    • 3) Introduction; explains where your hypothesis comes from
      • Aims; paragraph on what you plan to investigate and why
      • Hypotheses; state the alternate hypothesis and make it clear and concise
    • 4) Method; write in past tense, don't justify or explain only give detail for someone to replicate it
      • Design; state experimental design, the variables
      • Participants; state target population, how you obtained sample, give relevant details
      • Materials; describe materials used
      • Procedure; precise procedure that you followed
    • 5) Results; present the descriptive statistics
    • 6) Discussion; findings and relate them to the hypothesis, compare results, suggestions to improve, suggest idea for future research, concluding paragraph
    • 7) References; use Havard referencing


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