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Aim: To investigate the causes of a phobia of horses in a 5 Year Old boy. Test Freud's theory of infanitle sexuality and the Oedipus Complex


  • One child Little Hans
  • aged 3 at start of study
  • Aged 5 when phobia started


  • Case study
  • Self report and observation
  • Hans dad Max would interview him and ask him questions and interpet the answers. He would write letters to Frued descrbing his observations
  • Freud would reply with interpretations
  • Freud met with little hans once
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  • Interest in his widdler - evidence for phallic stage of development
  • Desire to get into bed with mother - evidence for oedipus complex
  • Fear of white horses - symbolic of fear for his father as blinkers were like his fathers glasses and dark patch around mouth was like his father's moustache and evidence for castration anxiety
  • Fantasy about a plumber giving him a bigger widdler and bigger behind - wanting to be like father resolutionn of oedipus complex


  • Hans was experiencing the Oedipus complex and provides support for psychosexual stages of development
  • Hans behaviour is normal of every child
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