Renaissance (Measure for Measure)

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  • The Renaissance
      • Elizabethan era, Jacobean era, Caroline age, Commonwealth age
      • Reign of Elizabeth to James I- Interregnum period.
        • unstable government
      • Locke, Francis and Bacon some of the first to challenge traditional morals in society
        • Political controversy and divide
    • THEMES
      • Theatre and poetry dominated the era
        • Soliloquy / Asides / men playing female roles
      • Sonnet took off in this period
        • Lyric / narrative / blank verse
      • Nationalism
      • Romantic luxuriance / imagination / creativity / experimentation
      • Patriotism
      • Humanism
    • Measure of Measure
      • Based on the reign of James perhaps and the problems in society through government
      • Angelo's use of soliloquy's demonstrate typical features of renaissance theatre


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