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  • Remains
    • Form
      • Everyday English
      • Personal tone
      • No regular line length or rhyme scheme
      • Moves from first person plural to first person singular
    • Structure
      • Amusing anecdote
      • Graphic description of death
      • Soldier's feelings of guilt
    • Context
      • Celebrated for down-to-earth subject matter and language
      • Based on interview with a formeer British soldier who fought in Iraq
      • Many of the poems revolve around flashbacks
    • Quotes
      • "dug in behind enemy lines"
      • "near to the knuckle, here and now,/his bloody life in my bloody hands"
      • Untitled
      • "the drink and the drugs won't flush him out"
      • "On another occasion, we get sent out"
      • "one of them legs it up the road,/probably armed, possibly not"
      • "Well myself and somebody else and somebody else/are all of the same mind"
      • "His blood-shadow stays on the street"
      • "End of story, except not really."
      • "carted off in the back of the lorry"
      • "I see every round as it rips through his life - /I see broad daylight on the other side"
      • "I walk right over it week after week"


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