Religious Reformers Before 1529

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  • Religious Reformers Before 1529
    • Lollardy
      • Led by John  Wytcliffe
      • Challenged some of the core teachings of the church
        • Believed Bible was only sure basis of belief, and should be widely available to everyone
        • Didn't believe in transubstantiation
        • Not significant at all; described as a "fringe group", being illegal, having made no dent in the Catholic church and had very little support and no agreed faith/ organisation
    • Humanism
      • A development from the 14th century Renaissance;affected politics and economy aswell as religion
      • Believed in basic ideas pf Catholic faith, trying to purify religious ideas made from errors in translation
      • Ideas were popular among English thinkers but posed little threat as they simply looked to return Catholicism to its more pure origins
      • Led by Desiderius Erasmus
    • Lutherans
      • Led by Martin Luther
      • Challenged key beliefs of Catholic Church and put forward the view that it was more important to have a relationship with God rather than the priests
      • Questioned the role of the Pope
      • Not immediately attractive. None of the nobility became Lutheran. It was embraced in some areas but didn't become widespread
    • Antipapalism
      • Criticism of the Pope and the papal court.
      • Believed the Pope was not the spiritual head of the Church and that he should interfere with other churches across Europe
      • The Pope, in reality, had very little authority. Henry VIII didn't really need the Pope, so it was not seen as a big issue.
    • Erastianism
      • Belief that the king should be head of the church.
      • Believed God made the decision for the King to be ruler
      • By 1529, the papacy had already effectively accepted that the King controlled most parts of the Catholic church. England could already  be seen as having an Erastian Church.


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