Religious Organisations; Churches, Denominations, Sects, Cults

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  • Religious Organisations
    • Troeltsch
      • Church
        • Large, hierarchal
        • Members born into it
        • Universal
        • Support society's values
        • Support the state/those with power
        • Example? Roman Catholic
      • Denomination
        • Similar to Church
        • Formal, hierarchal
        • W/C following
        • Not connected to state
        • Usually break aways from Church
        • Example? Methodist
    • Sect
      • Smaller, opposite to Church
      • Reject wider society
      • Do not support state or norms and values
      • Radical rather than conservative
      • Members withdraw from life to join
      • Strong control over members
      • Charismatic leader
      • Example? Jehovah's Witness
    • Bruce
      • Cult
        • Don't involve belief in God; spiritual
        • Lack clear rules
        • Has "customers buy services, no real committment
        • Loose knit and individualistic


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