Religious Language

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  • Religious Language
    • Analogy - Aquinas
      • Univocal-one meaning
        • 'God the father' limits God
      • Equivocal-Many different unrelated meanings
        • Means we know nothing about God
      • Analogical-similar related meanings
        • Statements about God - God is 'good' in an infinite way
      • Analogy of proportion
        • God is like us but proportionately greater
      • Analogy of attribution
        • God confers His attributes upon His creation
      • Cognitive (God)
      • Non-cognitive (some of the Bible)
    • Logical Postivism
      • Developed a tool for establishing what statements were meaningful and meaningless
      • Verification - Ayer
        • Falsification- Flew
          • Meaningful if evidence against could falsify it
            • Meaningful = falsifiable
              • Statement not deny then not assert
          • Wisdom - Parable of the gardener
        • No observation of God
          • If God is metaphysical there could never be synthetic/empirical evidence
    • Language games - Wittgenstein
      • Words have different meanings/functions in different disclosure (context)
        • Interpretation
    • Myth - Bultmann
      • Demythologise + reinterpret the Bible
      • Certain Christian beliefs - not literal/factual
    • Symbol - Tillich
      • Everything we say about God is symbolic
      • Everything that is an 'ultimate concern' is God
      • Robinson - God is not a personal being


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