Religious experience criticisms

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  • Religious experience criticisms
    • Sigmund Freud
      • R.E are a result of neuroses-trauma
      • Nature and the world provokes man to be fearful
        • "Man's self-regard calls for consolation"
        • We therefore desire a father figure
          • "Thus, man's longing for a father is emotive... With his need for protection"
    • Ludwig Feuerbach
      • God is a human idea and is entirely anthropomorphic- in terms of human desires
      • "God is 'man' written in large letters"
    • Carl Gustav Jung
      • Within psychologicalcompleteness there is the development of spirituality - it is an essential part of our psyche
      • We all possess the essential archetype/form of God within our subconscious
    • William James
      • There is a psychologicalaspect to R.E but that does not mean it is just psychological- the psychology may be part of a mystic experience
      • A psychologicalaspect of religious experience may be safety, peace and a feeling of love and comfort
    • Persinger
      • "Anticipation of own demise is the price we pay for a highly developed frontal lobe"
    • Kluger
      • "Which came first, God or the need for God?"
      • "Did humans create religion from clues sent from above, or did evolution instil in Us A sense of the divine"
    • Kant
      • Our senses can only experience things in the empirical realm - the phenomenal. It is impossible for us to experience the noumena like as a matter of logic
        • Therefore, it is impossible for us to experience God
    • Alston
      • In response to Kant- religious experience is similar to our normal sensory perception. There may be an aspect of our mind that is able to experience God
    • Marx
      • "Religion is the opium of the people"


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