summary of religious causes of rebellion

brief summary of rebellions caused by religious changes, and some of the religious changes that occurred during the Tudor period

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  • religious causes of rebellion
    • examples
      • PoG 1536, reaction to the closure of monasteries and other Protestant reforms
        • regional, in 7 northern counties, religion was the main reason
      • Western/Prayer Book rebellion 1549, reaction to the new English prayer book
        • Local to Devon and Cornwall, religion was the main cause
      • Kett's rebellion, 1549, demanded further Protestant reforms
        • Local to Norfolk, religion was a subsidiary cause
      • Northumberland's Coup, 1553, fearful of Mary's Catholic regime and marriage to Philip of Spain
        • religion was a subsidiary cause
      • Wyatt's Rebellion, 1554, fear of Catholic reformation
        • local to Kent, subsidiary cause
      • Northern Earls Rebellion, 1569, reaction to Protestant reforms
        • regional to four Northern counties, main cause
    • events of religious change
      • 1533, Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn, has to change the country's religion in order to be able to divorce his first wife Catherine of Aragon
      • 1534, The Act of Supremacy is passed by Parliament, this makes Henry VIII head of the Church of England
      • 1536, Act of Ten Articles, stresses the important of Baptism, the Eucharist and penance, but not the other sacraments
      • 1539, Act of Six Articles, upholds many Catholic traditions, a move away from Protestantism, and publication of "Great Bible", and Act of Dissolution of the Great Monasteries
      • 1549, Publication of Thomas Cramner's Prayer Book
      • 1553, Statute of Repeal is passed, meaning all legislation passed since 1547 was repealed, religion returned to what it was after the Act of Six Articles
      • 1571, Elizabeth is excommunicated by the Pope, the Recusancy fine is increased for not going to Church, increased persecution of Catholics


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