Religion and Sin in The Duchess of Malfi

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  • Religion/Sin
    • Curses shall be their first language
      • Points out the injustice in her not being able to marry again.
    • Charon's boat
      • Reference to Greek mythology, the man who ferries the dead over the River Styx. Implies the Duchess might die soon.
    • My laurel is all withered
      • The laurel links to Greek Mythology where it was a symbol of success. It also links to the New Testament, where it has the same meaning. The Duchess realises she no longer has ultimate control over her life.
    • Whether he beggarly brats were ever christened
      • Reffering to the Duchess's children. Because her mother has sinned, God will not forgive her children.
    • the devil's quilted anvil
      • Reference to hell and the devil. Bosola defies the christian religion by wanting to do the devils work.
    • Why should only cased up like a holy relic
      • The Duchess is aware that she is objectified and seen as fragile and inhumane. Her job as a woman is to stay as pure as possible
    • The witchcraft lies in her rank blood
      • Ferdinand refers to the Duchess as if she were a witch; the punishment is death,


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