The Duchess of Malfi quotes by theme

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  • The Duchess of Malfi
    • Guilt, death and suffering
      • "I am chained to endure all your tyranny"
      • "Return fair soul from darkness, and lead mine out of this sensible hell!" - B
    • Religion and sin
      • "We now are man and wife, and 'tis but the Church that must echo this."
      • "my imagination will carry me to see her in the shameful act of sin" - F
      • "The witchcraft lies in her rank blood." - F
      • "Doth she make religion her riding-hood?" - C
      • "Must we turn soldier then?" - C
    • Duty and power
      • "I am Duchess of Malfi still"
      • "Come violent death"
      • "all the diamonds were changed to pearls"


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