Relationships so far

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  • Relationships so far... (from memory)
    • The Matching Hypothesis
      • We actively seek individuals that are of the same level of attractiveness as ourselves
      • Walster, Murstein, Goffman, Huston, Brown
    • Reward/Need Satisfaction
      • We form relationships based on if we think we'll gain rewards from an individual/if that individual meets our needs
      • Classical and operant conditioning
        • Classical = rewards
        • Operant = association
    • Social Exchange Theory
      • Benefits and costs - economic theory
      • Comparison level
    • Equity Theory
      • Relationship maintenance is based on fairness
      • Clark and Mills
      • Steil and Weltman
      • Moghaddam
    • The breakdown of relationships
      • Duck and Rollie
        • Duck - 3 categories of breakup: pre-existing doom, mechanical failure
        • Duck - lack of social skills, lack of stimulation and extramarital affairs
      • Lee
        • Dissatisfaction, exposure, negotiation, resolution, termination
      • Ethical issues - sensitive area, privacy (personal)
      • Real world application
      • Baron and Byrne
      • Rusbult and Zembrodt


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