Relationships and Processes within schools

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  • Relationships and Processes
    • Hidden curriculum
      • Schools pass on sets of social norms and values.
      • Teach students things they will need in adult life.
      • Hierarchy of management teaches respect for authority.
      • Punishments teach the importance of following instructions.
    • Labelling
      • People decide on the characters of others and treat them accordingly whether this label is fair or not.
      • Important part of teacher pupil relationships.
      • Labelling creates a self fulfilling prophecy.
        • Children internalise these labels as part of their identities and act up to it.
      • Gilbourn and Youdell - Black students are more likely to be disciplined than their white classmates for the same behaviour.
    • Setting and streaming
      • Bottom stream students aren't always challenged enough, top stream students sometimes struggle.
      • Both setting and streaming can lead to low self esteem.
      • Ball - teachers had high expectations for the highest ability classes.
    • Subcultures
      • Pro-school and anti-school
      • Lacey - bottom stream pupils form anti-school subcultures after being labelled as failures.
      • Fuller - Black girls
      • Willis - 'lads' formed an anti-school subculture and disrupted lessons as a way of gaining respect from others within the subculture.


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