Relationship Dissolution

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  • Relationship Dissolution
    • Duck
      • Risk Factors
        • A lack of skills
          • When people lack interpersonal skills it can make a relationship more likely to fail.
          • Interactions are likely to be unrewarding - individuals may think they are uninterested - this can cause relationship problems
        • Maintenance difficulties
          • Rohlfing (1995) found that 70% of us have had a long distance relationship and 90% a long distance friendship
          • Holt and Stone (1988) found little decrease in satisfaction as long as partners reunite regularly
          • Issues with research - distressing topic, people may not always be truthful
      • Stage model
        • Stages
          • Intrapsychic stage 'I would be justified in withdrawing'
          • Dyadic 'I mean it'
          • Social stage 'it is now inevitable'
        • Evaluation
          • Couples counselling
          • Descriptive not explanatory
          • Ignores individual differences
          • Fails to consider feelings based on role in break up
            • Akert (1992) found partners who didn't initiate the break up felt more loneliness, depression and anger. Those who did felt unhappy and guilty.
          • Culturally biased
    • Lee
      • Stage model
        • Negotiating
        • Exposure
        • Resolution
        • Dissatisfaction
          • One or both recognize problems
        • Termination
      • (1984) Used a questionnaire on over 100 students
      • Evaluation
        • Exposure and negotiating stages are the most exhausting
        • Not all couples go through all 5 stages
        • Those whose journey from D to T was longer reported more feelings for their former partner
        • Based on real life
        • Culturally biased
        • Lacks explanation


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