Rei Ayanami

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  • Rei Ayanami
    • Context
      • MOE subculture
        • ‘Figures of Rei, in all her bandaged beauty, sold like wildfire.’ - FUGIE 2004, p.98
        • Rei became the face/brand for all of the shows marketing
          • ‘It’s strange that ‘Evangelion’ has become such a hit - all the character are so sick!’ - Anno
          • The therefore became a figurehead for otaku escapism
            • A subject that Anno fought to discredit but found his original intention fell on deaf ears
              • Unfortunately, Anno and his crew owe their secures to otaku escapism
            • Rei was voted as the most popular female character of the 1990’s - Newtype Poll in March 2010
        • Rei specifically became a popular anime trope replicated by other anime known as ‘Exby’
          • But this popularity uses Rei’s character in only the shallowest sense
            • MO essentially worships all things cute
              • ‘Moe is felt most strongly among ‘third generation otaku’ of Japanese born in the 1980’s’ - Patrick Galbraith
      • Asuka
        • Ningyou - a traditional had crafted doll given to children as early as the 14th c
          • Thought to have developed souls through interaction and becoming a pat of the family (even given funerals)
          • Hollywood has historically had a ‘China doll’ archetype for Asian women
            • Seen as submissive, docile, and replaceable (blue theme)
            • Rei’s character is unhygienic and doesn’t know how to take care of herself
              • She represents the uncomfortable reality of the male ideal
    • Shinji
      • The ‘Oedipus Complex’
        • Rei is associated with the moon - a symbol for motherhood and women in many cultures
        • at the end shinji rejects this complex by separating himself from Rei and choosing not to kill his father
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