Reducing addictive behaviour - interventions

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  • Reducing Addictive Behaviour - Types of intervention
    • Psychological
      • Addictive behaviour reduced by reinforcement
      • CBT changes way people think about their addiction
      • Reinforcement interventions do not address the problem that led to addiction
      • CBT supported in studies of pathological gamblers
      • Telephone 'Quitlines' successful in returning military personnel
    • Biological
      • Methadone mimics effects of heroin but is less addictive
      • Drug treatments for gambling include SSRIs to increase serotonin levels and naltrexone to reduce reinforcing properties of gamlbing
      • Some addicts also become reliant on methadone
      • Methadone use has resulted in black market for drug
      • Support for use of SSRIs for gambling inconclusive, but effectiveness supported by Kim and Grant
      • Clinician's illusion - addiction perceived as different to treat because only advanced cases seen
    • Public Health
      • NIDA study  - combination of individual and group drug counselling worked best
      • 'Quitlines' increased odds of stopping smoking by 50%
      • Legislation in 2007 led to creation of more supportive environment for stopping smoking
      • NIDA study - reduced in cocaine use accompanied by reduction in HIV risk
      • Messerlian et al - youth gambling prevention treatment


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