Reasons For Emerging Sects

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  • Reasons for Emerging Sects
    • Wilson, Bruce, Wallis
      • Key Ideas
        • Secularisation
          • Sects used as a "last bastion" of hope in secular societies.
      • Criticisms
        • Barker
          • Sects have always existed and emerged. A secular society is likely to see far more of this.
    • Wallis
      • Key Ideas
        • Theodicy of Dis-privilege
          • 1. Religious sects created by relative deprivation.
          • 2. Affirmers and rejecters attracted to those who feel relatively deprived. This may explain why the affluent often join. To join, one has to have spare cash. Their relative deprivation may be spiritual.
          • 3. The relative deprivation people feel could be spiritual. This could also apply to those who join world rejector groups.
      • Criticisms
        • Wilson
          • Rappid social change influences the emergence of new religious movements.
        • Zeegment
          • World rejecting sects offer certainty.
    • Weber
      • Key Ideas
        • Marginalisation
          • Sects appear from minority groups such as the underclass.
      • Criticisms
        • Engells
          • They can be seen as an awakening of proletarian consciousness.
    • Martin
      • Key Ideas
        • Sects appear because there is an increased demand for religious movements.


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