RE -- Life and Death (teachings about life and death)

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  • RE -- Life and Death (teachings about life after death)
    • Materialist
      • Someone who believes there is jus a body and no soul, or at least the soul cannot be separated from the body
      • This means after death you need to have your body with you
    • Dualist
      • Someone who believes you are made of both body and soul
      • Catholics
        • The souls of the very good go straight to heaven after death
      • Protestants
        • Believe the soul stays with the body  in the grave until the last day
        • Everyone judged on the last day
      • 2 different views about life after death
        • Resurrection
          • The body is brought back to life (Jesus)
        • Immortality of soul
          • The body is destroyed but the soul lives on
    • Before and at death
      • In Roman Catholic, Orthodox and some Anglican Churches when someone is nearing death they are brought the last rites
        • Assuring forgiveness of sins, Holy Communion and anointing with holy oils
    • Judgment
      • Some Christians believe that judgement will happen after death
      • Others believe there will be a day of judgement where Jesus will separate the people (Sheeps and coast parable)
      • Both believe the quality and goodness of our lives will be judged by God
    • The nature of hell
      • A place where God is not. Because fo free will we can reject God, end in a place of pain and suffering. Mortal sins= hell.
      • Some Christians say that God is all-loving + forgiving and wouldn't send someone to hell
    • Nature of heaven
      • heaven is a place with God and Jesus
      • Evangelicals refer to it as a real place
      • Liberals say it is symbolic= consequences to actions
      • Humanists believe there is nothing after death
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    • How to get into heaven
      • Some Christians say heaven is over our true home
      • Our lives on earth are just a test for eternity, Those who believe in Jesus go to heaven.
      • Some Christians believe that you have to go to purgatory first, to be cleansed of all your sins before you can enter
    • "Nothing impure will ever enter heaven"
    • "There will be no more death' or mourning or crying or pain"
    • "they will throw them into the blazing furnace"
    • "my Father's house has many rooms...I am going there to prepare a place for you"
    • They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever


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