Rates Of Reaction

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  • Rates Of Reaction
    • Concentration More concentrated solutions have a greater number of particles that collide, which leads to more frequent collisions
    • Pressure: Increasing pressure brings the particles closer together, which increases the rate that collisions occur at. This encourages more frequent collisions
    • Temperature: When the temperature increases, the particles move faster, which leads to more frequent collisions. These collisions are energetic, which makes the reaction happen quicker.
    • Surface Area: Breaking a solid reactant up into smaller pieces increases its surface area to volume ratio. There will be more surfaces for particles to collide with, which encourages more frequent collisions and speeds up the reaction.
    • Catalysts: Catalysts increase the rate of reaction and aren't used up, so they can be reused. They also decrease the activation energy by providing an alternative reaction pathway. The particles now have enough energy, which encourages more frequent collisions.


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