Ramseys models and qualifies

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  • Ramseys Models and Qualifiers
    • Model- a situation in which we are all familiar and which we use to be able to understand another situation- we may help someone understand something by using words or examples they already understand
      • Models are used as an analogy to help us express something meaningful about God for e.g. Gods goodness and we are already familiar to the term 'goodness'
    • Qualifiers: adverbs or adjectives such as 'perfectly' 'everlastingly;'we use models to express our ideas and concepts of God then apply qualifiers to show that God is different to us proportionately, the qualifier points us in the right direction of understandingGod.
    • Ramsey believed that religion and religious language is a total commitment situated to the job of living. Religion is beyond and different to ordinary according to Ramsey and thus a suitable language must be used.
      • Religion being odd is like an odd situation, the idea is that the odd situation will require a qualifier and if the qualifier works the situation will go from odd or impersonal to personal, a new dimension will have been entered the penny will have dropped and the light dawned. This leads to a new commitment and a new grounding experience.
        • High court e.g.: a judge is about to run a trial when the defendant walks in and knows the judge and calls him by his old nickname 'sammy', the judge without looking at the defendant knows who he is 'the penny has dropped' and a new dimension has been entered and the situation is now personal. Thus in this case the qualifier is 'sammy' and the judge now has to take the commitment to withdraw from the trial.


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