Religious language 1

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  • Religious Language: Negative, analogical or symbolic
    • Key Issue
      • If God is transcendent how can we talk about him meaningfully?
    • Via Negativa -- Since we have finite minds nobody knows or can grasp the true nature of God e.g eternal therefore trying to describe God may undermine his power
      • Pseudo Diosis - Explaining as what he is in human terms is anthroporphism. Our human minds cannot comprehend what God is, therefore we need to develop an openess to God's mysterious nature if we cant to talk about him
      • Moses M - Speaking of God normal  limits God's power and is disrespectful
    • Via positiva - Some philsophers believe that you can talk about God as what he is, perhaps not in a literal sense but in a way we can still understand what God is
      • Aquinas - Speak of God in analogical terms -There are 2 ways: 1. Analogy of attribution - shows a causal relationship between God and different things.  2. Analogy of Proportion - ascribe a quality to one thing as it points to a quality of another things but on a larger scale
      • Ian Ramsey - Analogical language used with models (describing God e.g loving) and qualifying it to recognize God's qualities are different from ours (using perfectly or everlasting)


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