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  • Radiation
    • Background radiation
      • Radom and Thoron
      • Gamma rays from rocks
      • Cosmic Rays
      • Medical
      • The Body
      • Industry
      • Fallout
    • Alpha Radiation
      • Low penertation power
      • It's not dangeros outside the body but very dangerous in as it can't get out.
      • Used to check the thickness of paper and card
      • Can be deflected by electric and magnetic feilds.
      • Positivly charged, made up out of 2 protons and 2 neutrons
    • Beta Radiation
      • Can travel through paper but is stopped by sheets of metal
      • Used to check is aluminuium foil is the right thickness and if cans of drink and cereal have been filled correctly
      • Can be defelected by magnatic and electriacl fields
      • highly charged electorns
    • Gamma Radiation
      • Cannot be deflected by electric and magnetic feilds.
      • Part of the electromagnetic spectrum
      • Used to treat cancers
      • Stopped by thick sheets of concrete
      • Most dangerous outside the body as can pass through skin and bone
      • Used in sterlilising food and nuclear weapons.


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