Roman Medicine

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  • Roman Medicine
    • Gods
      • Illnesses were usually treated with family remedies using herbs and vegetables.
      • Some people appealed to their gods-Salus, the goddess of health
        • When plague struck, the Romans turned to the Greek god, Asclepius
    • Doctors
      • Doctors were employed in many Roman cities to help the poor
      • Women doctors were used for healing and charms
        • Women's roles advancing
        • Women also acted as midwives
      • The science of charms was an outstanding skill
    • Training Of Doctors
      • Read the Hippocrates collection
      • Lots of people became apprentices following other doctors, taking notes
      • Medical training wasn't compuslory
    • Treatments
      • More exercise, changes in diet, herbal medicines used as 'opposties'-a step on from 'the four humours'
      • Roman families passed on herbal remedies whilst doctors used a weak anaesthetist, opium
    • Theories About Disease
      • Most common treatment was bleeding as internal surgery was too risky.
      • Amputations
      • Trephining
      • Not interested in theories
      • Galen suggested there were 'seeds' of disease in the air which caused disease but did not look into it any further




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