Public health acts of...

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  • Public Health Acts of ...
    • 1875
      • attitudes began to change: more men had the right to vote and so the gov. began passing laws that appealed to the masses.
        • from 1860s: improve living conditions for people in cities.
          • London: 1,300 miles of sewers were built by 1865
          • Birmingham: slums were demolished
          • Leeds: sewage water was prevented from being drained into the river form which people got their water.
      • cholera arrived in Britain
        • thousands died: spread in dirty water
      • responsibilities of the act:
        • providing clean drinking water to stop diseases that were spread in dirty water.
        • disposing sewage to prevent drinking and washing water from becoming polluted.
          • provide public parks for exercise.
        • building public toilets to avoid pollution
        • employing a public health officer to monitor outbreaks of disease
          • checking the quality of foods in shops to make sure they couldn't cause harm
      • ensuring new houses were of better quality, to stop damp and over crowding.
    • 1848
      • improve to sanitary conditions in towns in England and Wales by encouraging cities to set u boards of health and provide clean water supplies
      • wasn't compulsory, so it didn't have much impact on the health of people.
    • The difference between the two is the involvement of the Government


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