Psychological explanations for Anorexia

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  • Psychological explanations for Anorexia
    • Behavioural approach
      • Eating disorder starts through SLT - Acquisition and maintenence. See a role model and copy the behaviour.
        • Nasser et al - compared 50 egyptian women at uni in london with 60 egyptian women at uni in Cairo. 12% of london group got anorexia and none of cairo group did.
          • :) - high media in londo, western, may explain why but only correlational. X- may be due to others like stress of moving X - reductionist suggests it can be unconditioned but cant that easy. Leads to COGNITIVE
    • Cognitive Approach
      • Cognitive explanation may explain why it becomes difficult to uncondition. The anorexia may start to cause distorted thinking and perception
        • Orimoto - found that anorexics believe they must continually lose weight  to be in control :) - Face validity
        • Halmi et al - tested 322 anorexics - as levels of perfectionism increased so did severity of anorexia.
        • Explanation alone dont know what casued the distorted thinking but when linked with SLT = holistic
    • Gender bias doen not exist - explains both. Suggests why it usually develops in teen years - most influential.
    • Understanding this can have RWA - stop anorexia before the distorted thinking. Give warning signs to parents. change media influence.


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