Psychological Problems

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  • Psychological Problems
    • Depression
      • Depression is a type of mood disorder causing periods of feeling sad and lacking motivation to do everyday activities
      • More people are being diagnosed nowadays due to an increase in the awareness of the symptoms of depression, as well as the more stressful lifestyle we lead nowadays.
      • Explanations of Depression
        • The Genetic Explanation of depression suggests that depression is carried in our DNA that is passed on by our parents. This is supported by twin studies, e.g. McGuffin et al.
        • The Cognitive Theory suggests that behaviour can be explained by looking at how the brain processes information, and therefore how we think. Examples of this theory include Beck's cognitive triad and Ellis' ABC Model
      • Treatments for depression
        • Drug Therapy works by giving the patient antidepressants. These raise the levels of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and noradraneline, which are though to affect mood. Examples include SSRIs and SNRIs
        • Cognitive behavioural therapy helps patients change the way they think (cognitive) and the way they act (behavioural)
      • Study: Caspi et al.(2003) Influence of Life Stress on Depression: Moderation by a polymorphism in the 5-HTT gene
    • Addiction
      • Addiction is a mental health disorder where people need a particular thing in order to go about their normal routine
      • More people are being diagnosed with addiction these days as addiction now includes behavioral addiction and because sources of addiction are now easier to access.
      • Explanations for addicition
        • The Genetic Explanation suggests that tendencies to develop addicition can be inherited. It is backed up by studies such as those of Carmelli and Goodwin. There hasn't, however, been a single gene found that causes addiction
        • Learning Theories can explain addiction. The learning theories include classical conditioning, operant conditioning and the social learning theory
      • Treatments for addiction
        • Drug therapy reduced withdrawal symptoms and reduced cravings. It can also treat other underlying mental health problem
        • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy aims to help patients build up new skills through Functional Analysis and Skills Training
      • Study: Young et al (2009) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Internet addicts


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