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  • Protocols
    • HTTPS
      • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
        • This is the same as HTTP but it is encrypted.
    • HTTP
      • Hypertext Transfer Protocol
        • HTTP transfers web pages from the web server to the client.
    • FTP
      • File Transfer Protocol.
        • It is used to send large files. It is often used on a web server for a website.
    • POP
      • Post Office Protocol
        • POP is used to receive Emails, Most emails allow the transfer to 10 MB.
    • IMAP
      • Internet Message Access Protocol
        • Only downloads the message header once the email is opened.
    • SMTP
      • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
        • Used to communicate with the mail server, SMTP  is used to send emails.
    • TCP/IP
      • Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
        • A set of instructions used over the internet to organise different data packets, so they have the following information.
          • Source, Destination, Packet Sequence, Data, Error Check.


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