Prortein Synthesis

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  • Protein Synthesis (Rebekah)
    • Transcription
      • DNA -> mRNA
      • DNA Helicase
        • Unwinds DNA molecule
      • Free nucleotides   align with exposed DNA bases
        • Catalysed by RNA Polymerase
        • mRNA is produced
          • mRNA moves out of nucleus via nuclear pores.
          • Not reusable to prevent over production of proteins
        • DNA strand acts as a template
      • In the Nucleus
    • Activation
      • tRNA + amino acid = tRNA-amino acid complex
        • tRNA has an anticodon complemen-tary to codon on mRNA
      • tRNA is clover shaped
      • In the cytoplasm
    • Translation
      • mRNA -> polynucleotide/protein
      • In the cytoplasm
      • Ribosome attaches to mRNA
        • Large and small subunit
        • At initiation codon on mRNA
      • Anticodons on tRNA complementary to codons on mRNA
        • tRNA binds to mRNA
        • When 2 tRNA attach, the amino acids align
          • Peptide bond forms between the amino acids
            • tRNA detatches
              • (Reusable)
      • Ribosome moves along 1 codon


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