AS Biology OCR Water Properties

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  • Properties of Water
    • Surface Tension
      • Water molecules stick together through hydrogen bonding creating surface tension
      • the surface can act like an elastic sheet therefore becoming strong and difficult to break
      • Resembling a stretched membrane, a habitat can survive on the surface of the water.
      • transport up the xylem relies on the cohesion of water molecules.
    • Latent Heat
      • while changing state, either taking in heat energy or expelling heat WITHOUT a change in temperature
      • evaporation of water can cool surfaces by removing heat
      • due to the hydrogen bonds they restrict movement of molecules therefore a large amount of energy is needed to change the temperature
      • ocean is a very stable environment
    • Density of Water
      • When in solid form water is less dense
      • ice floats on water. therefore water below is insulated and less likely to freeze
      • polar bears live in these environments. Aquatic organisms can survive when temperature drops because of this.
    • Colour
      • Water is colourless
      • this means sunlight can reach cells and pass through so photosynthesis can occur
    • Solvent
      • the solubility of a substance depends on whether water molecules can interact with it
      • metabolic processes in all organisms depend on this


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