Properties Of Materials

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  • Properties Of Materials
    • Strength
      • Strength is the ability to withstand forces without breaking
      • Tensile strength-- resists pulling forces
      • Compressive strength resists squashing forces
    • Hardness
      • This it the abiltity to withstand scratching, rubbing and denting
      • Its very important for tools that cut out, like files and drills
    • Toughness
      • If a matrial is tough it is hard to break or snap- the material changes shape instead
        • Armour and bulletproof vests need to be tough
    • Strenght to weight ratio
      • Materials that are strong but don't weigh much have a good (high) strength to weight ratio
    • Plasticity
      • If a material can change shape permanently without snapping or breaking the material has good plastic equalities
      • This could mean that the material is malleable or ductlie
    • Impact resistance
      • This it the ability to withstand sudden forces without cracking
    • Chemaical resistance
      • If a material can come into contact with a chemical and not degrade (break down) its said to be resistant to the chemical
    • Flexibilty
      • Flexible materials can bend but don't necessarily return to their normal shape


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