Design Technology - Material Properties

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Material Properties

Different materials have different properties. These properties have to be considered by designers when choosing the most suitable and effective material to manufacture their designs. 

For example properties that allow materials to be permantly shaped and formed easily are good for manufacturing products in large quantaties.

Although materials with properties that offer the ability to withstand high forces are desirable for building bridges

Mechanical properties

  • Mechanical properties are linked to how they react to the application of force
  • strength - is its ability to withstand an applied force without bending permantly or breaking
  • Hardness - This is the ability to resist abrasive wear or scratching
  • Density - is defined as the mass per unit volume
  • Durability - is the ability to resist wear and tear
  • Toughness - is the ability




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This is really useful, I have a question - can 'Fabrication, Fusibility, Conductivity and Environmental Friendliness' all count underneath 'Physical Properties'? I am trying to compress the notes down, so would I be able to count those underneath Physical Properties?