Properties, characteristics, function and aesthetics

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  • Properties, characteristics, function and aesthetics + Costs + Manufacture and disposal
    • Properties, characteristic, function and aesthetics
      • Functional properties looks at things such as...
        • Absorbency
        • Drape
        • Colour fastness
        • Flamability
        • Stiffness
        • Ease of care
        • Elasticity
        • Strength and resistance to abrasion
        • Ability to insulate
      • Aesthetics is about the appearance of the fabric. Therefore it is about personal taste
      • The properties of textiles materials vary depending on the fibres used and the finishing and making of the material.
    • Manufacture and  disposal
      • Manufactures choose fabrics that don't cause a lot of environmental damage when being disposed of at the end of its useful life.
      • Consumers are more concerned about environment nowadays.
        • Manufactures are trying to use materials that are sustainable and can be recycled or biodegradable
    • Costs
      • Some fabrics costs more due to the way they are made
        • Silk is more expensive than cotton because of the way it is constructed is more complex
      • Depending on the use of fabric some fabrics are more appropriate than other
        • Profits Example cheap garment= cheap material
        • Use one wear garments= cheap material.


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