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  • Production
    • Job Production
      • Production of one off items to meet the needs of each individual customer
      • E.g. bespoke kitchens, tailored suits, house extensions etc.
    • Batch Production
      • Identical items produced in groups (batches) each item passing through the production process at the same time
      • E.g. cars, bread, shoes etc.
    • Flow Production
      • Items flow along the production line in a continuous process
      • E.g. kit kats, beans
      • Only works with large & consistent demand
    • Cell Production
      • A form of flow production whereby the production line is split into a series of self contained cells
      • Each cell takes responsibility for production of complete units of output
      • Members of the cell work as a team to meet goals & ensure quality is good- MASLOW & HERZBERG!!
      • E.g. shoes, toys


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