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  • problems elizabeth faced when she became queen (2)
    • challenges from abroad
      • scotland
        • ruled by Mary queen of scots (Elizabeth's cousin)
        • had strong links to France as Mary was living there
        • French soldiers in Scotland, so could face a double jointed attack
      • spain
        • most powerful and wealthy country
        • devoutly catholic country committed to preventing Protestantism spreading.
      • france
        • in 1558, France was at war with both England and Spain.
        • France had a direct interest in England as MQS was married to the French kings son.
        • France was a catholic county and many Catholics thought Mary should be Queen. France had a motive for invading.
          • Elizabeth had 2 options:
            • option 1:
              • continue with war
                • military victory would be popular, Calais would be regained, it would end the danger of invasion from France/Scotland, and making peace would look weak.
            • option 2:
              • make peace with France
                • Elizabeth and councilors had no interest in continuing with the war.
                  • there was also nothing to suggest they would win (England)
                    • England could not afford to keep spending.
                      • farming communities could not spare men for fighting, and defeat would be a disaster.
        • Elizabeth decided to make peace with France - signed in Jan1559.
          • treaty of Cateau - Cambresis and Calais would be lost forever.
          • elizabeth spent £100,000 at the start of her reign on military arms and munitions, which required taking out massive loans.
          • this was a clear example that Elizabeth saw invasions as one of her biggest problems that she faced.
    • gender
      • it was widely believed that women should not be rulers, they should be silent, obedient and domestic.
      • women were seen as too weak to keep their powerful nobles under control.
      • nothing Elizabeth could do unless she married immediately and handed power over to her husband so that England had a male ruler.
      • it would take time for her to prove she was a good ruler.


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