Presentational Devices Pt.2

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  • Presentational Devices
    • Captions
      • Helps the reader understand the picture
    • Headings and sub-headings
      • Headings give information - they indicate to the reader know what the text is about.
        • Organise; indicates
      • Headings can be used to organise the information and to keep the reader interested.
        • Sustains interest
    • Fonts
      • The style of font may be used to grab attention. It may be chosen to have an impact on the target audience.
        • Formal; Old- Fashioned; Elaborate; Simple
      • Think about how the choice of font links in with the text and pictures. Is there a common THEME?
        • Bold; Eye- Catching; Strong
        • Uppercase; lowercase
    • Paragraphs
      • Paragraphs ORGANISE the text for the reader. They may be small, short and easy to read in order to keep the reader interested. Longer paragraphs might be used to give more detailed information.
        • Short; Inviting; Easier
        • Long; Detailed; Information


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