Prejudice in Of Mice and Men

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  • Prejudice in Of Mice and Men
    • Discrimination towards Crooks- the '***** stable buck'
      • Crooks is often treated with a mixture on contempt and indifference.. either picked on or just ignored
        • a '******'
        • 'I could get you stung up on a tree so easy it ain't even funny'
      • The boss always gives Crooks 'hell', he's an easy target for frustration
      • Candy calls Crooks a 'nice fella', but still doesn't seem to care about how he is treated
    • Predjudice makes Crooks Bitter
      • He is angry that the's not invited into the bunk house, so he won't let the other ranchers into his room
      • but he still wants companionship..
        • ' A guy needs somebody.. a guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody
    • People on the ranch have no respect for their elders
      • Candy is very old, and knows it won't be long until they 'can' him from his job. after that no-one will employ him because he 'aint much good with on'y one hand'
      • Candy's feelings don't seem important to the other men on the ranch, he doesn't get any sympathy when Carsoln wants to shot his old dog.
      • Candy's dog represents Candy himself, when its to old to be useful, it's got rid of
      • Curley's wife also looks down on Candy, she dismisses him as a 'lousy ol' sheep' and seems him no beter than Lennie  and Crooks- the 'dum-dum' and the '******'


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