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    • Frantic Assembly
      • The Unreturning
        • Revolving staging.
          • Became multiple things throughout the performance. For example, inside of a lorry.
        • Had the actors multiroling. Only 4 actors in the whole show.
          • E.g. Frankie also played George's wife.
        • Had someone signing at the side of the stage to allow the deaf to watch this performance.
      • Origins
        • Frantic Assembly was founded in 1994 by Scott Graham, Steven Hoggett and Vicki Middleton.
          • They were students at Swansea University studying subjects with no relation to performing arts - English Literature and Geography.
      • Education
        • They have a national training programme for young men aged 16 to 20 called Ignition.
          • The youth who join are usually chosen if they have had no dance training.
      • Productions
        • Their first ever show was in 1994 and was called Look back in Anger.
        • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time and Othello are famous works by this company.
    • Kneehigh
      • FUP
        • Actors multroled in different characters. The only consistent character was the grandfather.
          • E.g. The son was also a postman.
        • They included live music which some of the actors helped out with. There were many instruments but usually only two people controlling it.
        • They used a puppet for the duck called Fup. The woman controlling the duck wore black and 'quacked' rather than sound effects being used.
      • Origins
        • In Cornwall, 1980, a village school teacher began to run theatre workshops in his spare time.
        • They created theatre for families in locations within their communities, village halls, marquees, harbour sides and less conventional places: cliff-tops, in preaching pits and quarries.
        • Kneehigh have their own home performance space called Asylum
        • The Kneehigh Rambles allow the company to work with communities by providing greater access to their work in Cornwall and further afield. They engage with those who otherwise would be unable to access their work due to financial or social barriers.
      • Productions
        • One of their first performances were The Red Shoes.
        • Dead Dog in a Suitcase and The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk are famous works by this company.


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