Power and Corruption

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  • Power and Corruption
    • King Duncan
      • main symbol of power at start of play
        • hasn't been corrupted
    • desirable
      • witches tempt Macbeth
        • "the swelling act / of the imperial theme" MACBETH
          • metaphor
      • Lady Macbeth
        • tempts Macbeth
          • "solely sovereign sway and masterdom" LADY MACBETH
            • sibilance suggests sinister corruption of power
        • excited by thoughts of gaining power
          • Macbeth's letter about the witches
            • "transported me beyond / this ignorant present, and I feel now / the future in the instant" LADY MACBETH
    • changes Macbeth
      • sacrifices his goodness for power
        • referred to as "tyrant" instead of King
      • affects how he speaks
        • royal plural pronouns "we" and "our"
          • gets to his head
      • desire to maintain power makes him paranoid
        • behaves like a dictator
          • "fled the snares of watchful tyranny" MALCOLM
            • metaphor
    • types of power
      • supernatural power
        • witches
      • power Lady Macbeth has over her husband
        • gender would make her seem weaker at the time
      • power of goodness and God
        • placing the rightful King on the throne


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