poverty in `ACC`-the Cratchits

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  • poverty - the Cratchits
    • name associations
      • rat
      • ****
      • scratch
      • ****
      • scratching a living
      • bob
        • shilling
    • quotes
      • dismal little cell
      • its not convenient and its not fair
      • bob...15 bob a week
      • twice turned gown
      • brave in ribbons
      • screaming that they had smelt the goose
        • gooses was the meat the poorest people could afford
      • precious father
      • as good as gold
      • eked out by apple-sauce and mashed potates
      • it was small pudding for such a large family
        • child mortality, people had lots of children as very few would survive
        • any Cratchit would have blushed to hint at such a thing
      • spirit...tell me if Tiny Tim will live
        • I see a vacant seat... a crutch willout an owner..
      • god bless us everyone
      • bob walked a little slower these last few evenings
      • little bob
      • very quite
      • they drew about the fire
      • this is our first parting
      • they childish essence was from god
      • tiny tim did not die
      • they were happy, grateful, pleased with one another
    • poor but loving
    • loving and cheerful despite their poverty
    • they don't complain
      • focus on the positives
    • hard working, not lazy and are willing to work
      • people thought poverty was caused by laziness and idleness
    • tiny Tim is an example of how poverty can lead to suffering and death
    • important to have all the family together
    • the opposite of scrooge


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