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  • Poverty
    • The Cratchits are Dicken's face of the poor in the novella
    • "Brave in ribbons" - Mrs Cratchit's attempt to make her dress look new and respectable
    • The Cratchits have a Christmas Goose, instead of a Turkey because it is all that they can afford
      • "The rarest of all birds; a feathered phenomenon"
    • "Many thousands are in want of common necessaries" - Charity Collectors
    • "Many can't go there; and many would rather die" - The Charity Collectors referring to the Union Workhouses
    • Old Joe's shop "reeked with crime, filth and misery"
    • In the Victorian period there was a common misconception that the workhouse is a functional institution and kept the poor happy and usefully employed
    • The Clerk's fire was so small it looked like one coal
    • "A wretched child with an infant"
    • Scrooge is the most impoverished character, as he lacks love, warmth and the spirit of Christmas


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