Post modernist views on the family

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  • Post modernist views of the family
    • Lyotard- society cannot be explained by a metanarrative- postmodern society is characterised with choice and this leads people's lives to be unique, flexible
    • Postman- the decline of childhood-society is barbarist children are no longer protected
      • children are increasing victims of crime- no longer a treasured or protected time
      • Clothing- children and adults dress the same e.g. girls could lead to victimisation
      • Media exposes children to harmful explicit content which is older and encourages them to grow up faster
      • Sex is thought of as an adult activity but happens at younger ages.
      • Literacy used to define adulthood yet more children are able to read and write
    • The Rappoports- 5 types of family diversity
      • cultural - different ethnicities have different family structures e.g. caribbean families tend to be female led
      • class- income level impacts family structure
      • organisational- family structure and practises depend on how people choose it
      • life-stage- when people get older family structures change- empty nest household
      • generational- refers to the way in which family structures depend on the period in which you lived e.g. Victorian era less acceptance singe mums
    • New right and functionalists would criticise family diversity as a bad thing as the nuclear family is best suited to society
      • New right Chester believes that family diversity is exaggerated most people strive for nuclear families


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