Population Genetics

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  • Population Genetics
    • How can genetics link to disease?
      • Can cause disease
        • Two types of disease
          • Genetic
            • Two types of conditions
              • Quantitative
                • Measurable level of condition
                  • Example: the lower the FEC of a GIT parasite the higher the resistance.
              • All or none
                • Affected (CASE) or unaffected (CONTROL)
          • Environmental
        • Other considerations
          • Age
            • Cancer is a disease fo aging in many cases
            • Important when testing: why test calves for mastitus
          • Environmental factors
            • Nutrition, environment...
      • Can causes resistance
    • Genetic Model
      • Single gene disease
        • Single base pair change
          • Mendelian mode of inheritance
      • Polygenic
        • Affected by many genes
        • Quantitative or complex trait
        • Can have an environmental affect as well
      • Other considerations
        • Genotype and environment interactions
          • Different environments with the same genotype can cause different results
        • Epistasis
          • Genes can interact  together, new interactions can form and give an unexpected phenotypic result


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