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  • Population
    • 100,000 years for population to increase by a billion
    • Until the 1800s the world's population grew steadily but slowly for thousands of years. In 1820, the population reached one billion,150 years later in the early 1970s the worlds population reached 3 billion, in 1999 less the population doubled to 6 billion. The global rate of population growth is now very fast rising about 1 billion every 15 years.
    • Sparse population is an area with very few people like Rewanda, Himalyas
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    • The density of the population is the number of people which live in an area measured in people per square dilometre
    • The distribution of population is the way in which people are spread out across the surface of the earth
    • Population growth means higher demand for water,gas,coal and oil
    • need to duble food production by 2025
    • 2050-9.5 billion in the world approx.
    • Population can change over time because of life expectancy increasing,birth rate increasing,migration increased,conflict,natural disasters
    • 1.8 people die every second.
    • 1644 times of co2. Uses 91 times more than people in Bangladesh.


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