poppies for and structure

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  • Poppies - form and structure
    • structure
      • "slowly melting"- enjambment supports idea of words joining together in melting
      • the use of caesura in 19 lines out of 35 have breaks in the middle of the lines - marked by commas or more strongly by full-stops. shows how the speaker has stopped to think
        • shows the inner emotion of narrator who tries to be calm but is breaking in sadness inside.
      • first person and direct address. there is also use of second person.
      • use of past and present tense
    • form
      • The poem appears to have a strong, regular sense of form. There are four clear stanzas, the first and last with six lines, the second with 11 and the third 12.
      • stanzas in two different lengths  +lines of around 10 syllables = control without rigidity, creating sense of natural speech.
      • 4 clear stanzas shows how the mother has tried to stay strong and move forward.
      • dramatic monologue shows loneliness and loss
        • the rhyme would seem to lively in a solemn piece about love and loss
      • free verse
      • The non-chronological structure shows how the mother is remembering her sons past. the shift in time may reflect the different ways a mother remembers her son.  


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