A Marxist perspective on Webster's The White Devil

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  • A Marxist Criticism of The White Devil by John Webster
    • Although upper class, Flamineo is of a lower social status than many of the other characters
      • He feels he has been treated wrongly, creating a determination for both political and social accession.
      • "He can never hope to achieve any greater dignity than what is accorded to the Duke of Brachiano's personal lackey"
        • DENA GOLDBERG 1987
    • It is a play about UPPER CLASS CORRUPTION
      • Monticelso and the Church
      • Vittoria and Brachiano's affair
      • The murders of Isabella and Camillo
      • The role of Lodovico and Flamineo
    • Duke Brachiano holds a great position of power and can therefore control his relationships
    • Zanche is mistreated due to her class.
      • But also due to her race and gender
    • "Happy that never saw court"
      • Rejection of the upper class


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