Political Power Theorists

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      • John Locke
        • Classical pluralist writer: 1600-1700
        • argued against the divine right of kings and monarchy
        • Social Contract re support between the ruled and rulers.
      • Rousseau
        • Social Contract 2.0: the gov should rule for the public good
        • Supported monarchy and elitism in gov.
        • Opposed women in politics but was liberal for his time (1700)
      • Robert Dahl
        • Direct democracy: Good policies need time and expert opinion. Average person is useless.
        • Researched a small Connecticut town: found all groups were represented
      • De Tocqueville
        • Original pluralist theorist after touring America in C19.
        • Explained the nature and distribution of political power in Western liberal democracies.
      • Mosca
        • Created the modern elite theory
        • 3Cs- Consciousness, cohesion and conspiracy.
        • Eg wealth making skills or military skill.
        • Circulation of Elites due to superior organisational skills
      • Pareto
        • Lions and Foxes
        • Lions: rule by coercion, e.g. military dictatorships. Direct and incisive action.
        • Foxes: rule by diplomatic manipulation, e.g. european democracies. Cunning and guile.
      • C W Mills
        • Three key institutions in America: Major businesses, the military and the government.
        • Similar educational backgrounds,social clubs and they mary each other, e.g. dynasties such as the Clintons
        • Alexander Haig: US army general, influential business positions and Sec. of State under Reagan.
      • Karl Marx
        • C19 political thinker who believed capitalism was v flawed.
        • Rule by those w economic resources (bourgeois)  e.g. factory owners
        • rejects individualism and supports conflict in society e.g. revolution
      • Ralph Miliband
        • critical of marxism and communist regimes in E. Europe.
        • Elites hold power but are all working to keep Capitalism alive. Elites act in the interests of capitalism.
        • Actions of state elites benefit capitalism e.g. Labour 1945-51 limited nationalisation and generous compensation.
      • Michael Moore
        • Left wing film maker in America
        • Bowling for Columbine: The topic of gun legislation. Lack of due to NRA funding.
        • Where Will We Invade Next: Link to military action for profit, Eg Iraq vs Syria.
      • Molly Wollstonecraft
        • Original modern feminist writer who wrote 'Vindication of the Rights of Women'
        • Highlighted the lack of freedom and rights for women during the enlightenment period.
      • Simone De Beauvoir and Betty Friedan
        • Wrote about the oppression of women being confined to childcare and housework.
        • Second wave feminism: Overcoming the patriarchy.
      • Wolf
        • Book called 'Beauty Myth' which  suggests that men dominate women by adding the press of societies standards of beauty.


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