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Power and Global Politics
Power, in its broadest sense, is the ability to influence the outcome of events, in the
sense of having the `power to' do something. In global politics, this includes the
ability of a country to conduct its own affairs without interference of other
countries, bringing power…

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Power relations between state or other actors may be taken to reflect the balance of their
respective capabilities. In this case, the relationship model of power suffers. For this reason
relational power is often understood in terms of actions and outcomes rather than in
terms of contrasting assessments of capabilities.…

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The second shift is the alleged wider decline of `hard power'. Hard power is `command
power', the ability to change what others do through the use of inducements or threats. By
contrast, there has been a growth in `soft' power. Soft power is `co-optive power'; it rests on
the ability…


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