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  • poetic tecniques - language
    • Metaphor
      • comparing one thing to another, "the snow was a blanket over the town"
    • Similie
      • compairing two things with 'like' or as' "the snow was like a blanket over the town"
    • Personification
      • giving human qualities to the non-human. "the branched out fingers of the decerped tree"
    • Imagery
      • language that makes us imagine a sight, sound, touch, smell or taste.
    • Tone
      • the mood or feeling created in a poem.
    • Pathetic Fallacy
      • giving emotion to weather in order to create a mood within the text
    • Irony
      • language that says one thing but implies the opposite i.e. sarcasm
    • Colloquial Language
      • informal language, usually creates conversational or authentic language.
    • onomatopoeia
      • language that sounds like its meaning
    • Alliteration
      • words that are close together start with the same letter or sound
    • Sibilance
      • the repitiion of 's' or 'sh' sounds
    • Assonance
      • the repetition of similar vowel sounds
    • Consonance
      • the repetition of consonant sounds
    • Plosives
      • short burst of sound: t, k, p, g or b sound




created as a source of information regarding poetic techniques and language used within poems, can be utilised when revising the AQA anthology in English literature.

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